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We offer affordable care listening. When you need someone that cares.  Read More

Why Call a MHC Friend?

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  • Primary Care Listening
  • Helpful Companionship
  • Heartfelt Conversations
  • Cold Honest Truth (If you ask for it)
  • Enthusiastic Verbal Support
  • Book Recommendations
  • Adult and Pediatric Listening
  • Scheduled Care Calls
  • One on One Loving Ears

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In a world where people just need to get things off their chest but not pay a doctor hundreds, we lend an open and caring ear for you at an affordable price.

What is Think MHC? 

Think MHC (My Healthy Conversation), is a network of loving and caring individuals who are here to listen to your concerns, your accomplishments, your failures and anything in between.  In a world full of people who are sometimes "lost", we understand the need to find open arms and a caring and listening ear.  Our staff does not offer any medical advice or anything like that. We simply exist to be your sounding board when you feel like there is no one else to talk to or when your current friends just won't do and you dont' want to burden your spouse, doctor or anyone else with your need to talk.

As talkers too, we understand that you sometimes just need a caring ear to hear you out to get things out of your system.  We can take your anger, your tears, your happiness and more.  Let us absorb your talk and be the listening friend you need.

Sometimes people are in limbo, between relationships or between friends or have recently lost their partner.

As caring and loving individuals, our care listening staff will be here to listen to you and never will we offer unwarranted advice or claim that we are medical professionals.  

our intention is to fill the void you've been missing by offering an ambiguous phone friend to chat to.  When Facebook and Friends are too familiar for what you want to share, our care listening ears will hear you out without judgement.

Listening is what we do.

We offer a  affordable pseudo psycho therapist alternative.

Thanks to the Wexford Chiropractor (Dr. Peduzzi) for guidance on how to build our site!

Are you thinking of having a baby?  Want to talk to someone who's been through the experience?  Call today.

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Think MHC is always open.  You can email us or use our handy dandy calendar to fill out a time slot to chat.

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You can sign up for a friendship appointment.  We take paypal payments for anyone who needs some extra friendship or advice.

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We offer scheduled Care Calls.

If you need immediate assistance, please call your nearest Emergency Room.

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We are a staff of successful business people who have a caring heart and have been told we are good listeners.

We believe in personalized care listening. When you sign up, we match you with a care professional who has similar interests and who understands what you're going through. Read More

All new clients receive a complementary 10 min. consult with our head MHC Care Person to establish your specific needs.

We Care.