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#24 How to live a YOLO life

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! Wow, what a phrase. A phrase that opens doors and basically gives you 

permission to try things that you would normally be a little apprehensive to attempt. I guess 

there a few different ways to interpret this way of life. If you are a conservative person, your 

YOLO life might include such daring events as taking a drink or two or wearing something a little 

more revealing. You might consider doing something “outside of the box” to see how the other 

half lives. You might consider yourself dancing on the wild side and then laughing gleefully that 

you actually did something so outrageous. On the flip side, those that are more daring see what 

you are doing as the everyday norm or even rather boring. For the more adventuresome crowd, 

things like driving a sports car at 100mph down the highway or skiing down a five diamond 

mountain might be the way to go. Kayaking through white water or jumping out of an airplane 

might be the adrenaline they need to live their YOLO life. And then you have others who really 

need that super rush and choose activities that the everyday person would deem just plain 

crazy! It does not matter what boundaries you have set for yourself in life. Your limits are your 

limits and whatever level you deem to be daring and however much of an adrenaline rush you 

seek, is all up to you. You Only Live Once is a phrase that is all about YOU so whatever your 

YOLO life includes, have fun at it.